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Day 2

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An early rise to catch the worm and all that. I headed in an easterly direction from my hostel on foot in search of temples and shrines.

I found Tofukuji temple, which isnt a bad temple and i consider myself to me quite the expert now. Not as good as some of the others but if you have some time to kill you might as well see. I particularly liked the gardens, they were quite pretty.

I intended to head north from here in the direction of Gion, to arrive there, via several temples, by the early evening. But on a map near tofukuji i spotted that Fushimi inari taisha was only a short walk away. I say short walk but i have very little perspective of how far i walked. Maybe 20mins, but thats nothing really, since ive been spending most days walking several km each day.

SO i arrived at Fushimi and loved the place. I love torii, they are so simple but s cool. Especially because there was thousands, and i dont think that it is an exageration to say that! The walk was beautiful, and although it was long and mostly uphill the day just flew by.

So a torii is like an archway, 2 verticals and a couple of horizontals at the top. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torii for more infrmation
So the toriis here have been donated by people who are successful in business, and some date back to 711! but as i saw on my trip there were some that had rotten and been taken down and there were some new ones being erected and painted. I think the reason i liked it so much was because of how overwhelming it was to be talking through them all, and although they are all red torii, it was nice to spot small differences. SOmetimes they were close together other times far apart. SOme had cracks etc and they had different writing on.

The other repetative thing throughout the torii was the occurance of a fox, which is regarded as a messenger. I decided to walk all the way to the top for a good view over Kyoto, i then got rather lost as i tried to find my way back down. I bought myself a torii because they are so cool!

Very tired i took the train back to Kyoto station where i did the skywalk which is nothing to write home about. but i am impressed with the architecture of the station.

When i got back to the hostel ad few of us popped downstairs to the izakiya for some drinks and then i went to bed.

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Day 1

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Having taken the night bus from Tokyo, I arrived in Kyoto at around 7am. After walking to J-hoppers hostel, I had to wait for an hour before i could check in, which was time well spent trying to work out what I was going to do with my day! So after checking in, I walked back to the train station, and tried to find the Tourist INformation Office, but found that it did not open til 10am. SO then headed over to Kyoto tower, which didnt open until 9am. SO i grabbed a starbucks and waited for it to open.

At 9am i went up Kyoto tower, maybe its because i had only just seen it that morning, but it wasnt as exciting as Tokyo Tower, which i had been seeing on my way to work for months. BUt it meant that i could get my bearings of Kyoto. The city is much less built up, so that actually you can see most of the city i would imagine. THere was a few intersting things that i spotted, such as a giant red torii and a giant statue. There wasnt much in the way of pointing thigngs of interest out to english speakers compared with TOkyo tower.

From the tower i went back to the tourist information centre, who gave me a couple of leaflets but werent really that helpful. I then began my major walking by going to Shosei En and seeing Cherry blossoms, which have just started to blossom in Kyoto, but are yet to reach TOkyo.

From here I went to HIgashi honganji temple. Which was built to rival nishi honganji temple that i visited after. UNfortunatly for all of the temples you cannot take photos inside. Well there are odd ones where i have taken sneaky photos because there is no sign, in english at lest, which tells me not to. The coolest thing at this temple was a length of rope made from human hair!

SO from here i went to the older Nishi honganji temple, which was under construction in some areas, well restoration i mean. I wasnt particularly impressed by this temple, but thats just me.

From here I walked to find Sumiya pleasure house, which is in the heart of the old geisha district before Gion happened. UNfortunaltey i couldnt go inside because it was closed on mondays but i might see if i can get the chance to go back again.

I then walked south, and i should mention at this point how easy it is to walk around Kyoto, everything is in walking distance and the roads are very straight forward, for very easy avigation. So south i went to Umekoji park, which was just something to walk through really, nothing impressive.

I then found my way to Toji temple, which was really good because it has a pagoda, and i much prefer them to temples and shrines so far. After all that walking it was still quite early, about 4pm, but i headed back to the hostel via the supermarket. Took a nap, uploaded photos, planned the next day and went to sleep! End of day one!

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the times they are a changing

all seasons in one day
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dum di dum... ok... im sorry its been nearly 3 months since i updated. personally i blame seb for taking up too much of my time... even though he wasnt here for a month of it.

a few days before christmas chado, steph and me went to a family friend of chads flat to have a christmas get together. we had some great vietnamese food and talked to some new people. it was a very nice way to spend an evening.

christmas was suprisingly good. obviously very different to any christmas i have ever had before, i never thought that i would be able to enjoy christmas away from my family, but i enjoyed it with my japan family. walking the streets you would not beleive that it was christmas day, there was still workmen on the building sites. shops were still open as normal, it became hard to get in the spirit. i say hard, it took a carton of not so fine wine! the party began at my house and we ate, drank adn were generally merry. i was lucky to be able to talk with the family in their various time zones, though by the last conversation i had drank far too much wine!

we had a number of social gathering in my house over christmas and new years. generally involving plenty of biru and whisky, ice kindly supplied from ice man chado. depite language differences everyone was able to communicate and have a good time.

in preparation for new years i set myself and steph a challenge of creating a costume for the theme of "movie stars" , after 4 days of sewing a princess leia costume was created, and quite marvelous it looked.

new years itself was one of the best parties ever, and made even better by the fact that i was being paid to attend it. I was surrounded by all of my friends from japan, those who i work with and those who i live with. everyone had a really great time. we were of course very busy at work, but everyone was in good spirits, there were no fights, no major breakages/spillage. The evening ended at around 7am for the customers. once all the customers had cleared out we had over an hours worth of cleaning ahead of us. the floor was a complete mess, and needed a proper good scrub. the toilets, well ill leave that to your imagination! and we had to bring all the furniture back in. Around 830, from what i can remember, we were finally able to start the real party! we usually have a drink after work, but on this day it ended up being several drinks! we had the music on, we were dancing and having fun until, well i think i left around midday. I should mention that when i finished work i sent seb a text to say good morning and to wish him a good day at work, now what i should have done in hindsight was to call him because the dumb ass ended up being 2 hours late for work and stumbled in still drunk and sick at the sight of the alcohol he had to cook with! i fell asleep on the train, not the first time, and ended up 20mins past my stop. i then fell asleep again on the return train journey, only waking up as the doors closed at my stop. i managed to stay awake until the next stop and then as punishmen made myself walk from that stop to my house. i ended up having about an hours sleep before i had to make my way back to work again. of course we had to open on new years day because of all the premiership matches back in england, but the pub was dead!

on the second of january is one of the few days that the imperial palace gate is open to visitors and the emporer with his family makes several appearances. after much deliberation as to whether i wanted to get out of bed i went to see him, and it was quite an experience. firstly it would have to be one of the most well organised events ever, a constnt flow of people through the gate and every hour the emporer comes out. with the crowds gathered beneath the balcony everyone starts waving their free flags as the emporer comes out, then as he makes his speech for the new year all is quiet.

as a reward for all our hard work over christmas and new years the pub was shut for a couple of days so that we could have a staff party. neil took us to a lovely restaurant in Ginza called Alice in Wonderland. The place was beautifully decorated with mirrors and muriels. And all the food came out looking like the cheshire cat etc. The waitresses were all dressed as alice. we had a number of celebrations, Daves birthday and Akikos engagement to Shane, so the waitresses bought out some special desserts, dress up costumes and a polaroid camera! after dining we went to Hiroo to a karaoke place called Smash Hits, unlike the usual karaoke in japan, this one was a public performance, though given it was a thursday night there was just 2 other people in there. we had lots of fun singing and the stage was plenty big enough for everyone to sing some group songs. once they threw us out of karaoke we headed to our favourite, Geranimos back in Roppongi. After that things get somewhat hazy, i guess we were thrown out from there eventually, at whcih point a few of us stumbled around trying to find somewhere else to continue the party and ended up in a club past paddys which you wouldnt wanna touch anything in. i left here after one drink and returned home. and yet again found myself having travelled too far on the hibiya line to find myself a half hour past my station. Luckily we all had the next day off as well so I had a chilled out friday night for once.

Ive had plenty more karaoke experiences in the last 3 months as well. The first was on pay day in January when myself, Steph, Niall, Eric and Erik went to the karaoke down the road from Paddys on pay day. We had a good 3 hours singing. The machine scores you after each performance, me and steph held the record for most of the night with our rendition of no scrubs. Complimented by our dance routine. Then at the last song, as we were being thrown out te guys bought it back and beat us with a rendition of Firestarter. Oh well.

Another time I went with Steph and the two paddys to a place in Shibuya. The price seemed rather cheap for 2 hours but we clarified it before going in. We had a really good time singing and drinking... lots of drinking. Then it reached the time for the last trains so we headed out. But the price came to more then we were quoted, because we had only been qoted the price for the all you can drink and not the room charge for 2 hours. Now if this had been any other country an agreement could have been reached between management and the customer. But this is japan, where the customer is always right holds no validity as a statement. these are the rules and they are followed to the letter. Within 3 minutes of us starting to discuss our issue with them they were threatening to call the police, and sure enough 10 minutes later the police had arrived. Now this is a simple misunderstanding, not helped by the language barrier, but calling the police is just ridiculous! Time ticking away for the last trains, we had no choice but to pay up and go, begrudgingly.

i went with the two paddys and steph to try and find an abandoned amusement park out by chiba that we had heard about. we had seen lots of photos of this place but its exact location was difficult to find on the internet. on account of those who have found it not wanting every tom dick and harry to go there and it losse its magic. So anyway, we headed to where we though it would be and walked around all day. Everytime we saw a cluster of trees where we thought it could be we got excited. Then we spotted a ferris wheel in the distance and went in that direction to discover that it was the zoo, fully operational! At the end of the day, losing daylight we spotted a hump in the distance among some trees from the station platform. We tried to find it quickly, already planning a return trip to see it in the daylight, but we couldnt find it, and gave up to go home for karaoke.

A week later we returned to find the hump again, and wondered around for another day. We did find a random collection of straw huts, no idea what they were but they looked interesting. I left my scarf in a coffee shop, and that was about it for the day.

This was stephs last day in tokyo so we returned to our house for a sayonara party. Well wee actually went down to the isakaya on the ground floor of our building. We had lots of drinks and food. I had been to this isakaya on a couple of occassions but were limited on the menu by what we could point to on the menu outside but going with japanese people for the first time meant that the menu opened up to us and we had some great food.The other good thing about this place is the karaoke. 200yen gets you a song, and the book is as full as any of the other karaoke places. Stephs departure marked the beginning of the enjoyment in my house going. Chado left the next day to travel around japan for a few weeks. Narelle also left, so the party atmosphere in the house went, as it was myself and japanese remaining.

We had a second staff night out because the building was closed for a day. So all of the staf, went to a mexican restaurant. We were serenaded by some amigos at our table with guitars and drums, and enjoyed a nice meal. After we returned to Roppongi and went to karaoke, followed by geranimos. Zeeshan impressed us with his singing in japanese which made a welcomed change from singing oasis.

Chado returned to tokyo for one last night after seeing more of japan. We could not socialise in the house as we always used to because a grumpy japanese man has moved in. So we went to a yakatori, which is lots of meat cooked on a small bbq on the table. From here we wondered around Minowa trying to find a bar that in the end was not open. So we hopped in some taxis and went to asakusa to the samauri cafe, a gaijin hang out. We had bought chado the game pop up pirate as a leaving present which we played breifly when we returned home.

Since deciding that I would leave Japan in just over a month, there was still lots of things that i wanted to do in Tokyo. I still had not been to Harajuku on a sunday. So i headed to Yoyoji park and wandered around. It was nice to see everyone doing their thing. there was lots of people doing different performances. First i saw the rockabillies dancing to their music with leather jackets and trousers and big hair. Then there were some groups playing drums, some guitars. There were some girls dancing, some people play sword fighting with sticks. THere was lots of dogs dressed up, and a special dog area for them to run around in, one for big dogs and another for the smaller ones, There was one woman i spotted in there sitting down with a strange creature sitting on her neck, maybe a ferret. I tried to take a photo of it, but i still couldnt work out what it was. As i left the park i stumbled upon all the girls dressed up in their crazy outfits that harajuku is so famous for, and sneakily took some photos. one girl looked so miserable. There were also a few people offering free hugs. From here i walked to the meji shrine where i bought a plaque to leave my prayer. i spent a little extra and bought the one with the rat drawings on because it is the year of the rat and i was born in the year of the rat.

I returned to odaiba again in order to take more photos since the last time i went there i was only there for a couple of hours. this time i arrived and had a nice meal. The i walked around the perimeter of the island, taking in the view of tokyo from across the water. After walking for a while i decided that i wanted my first onsen experience so i went to the onsen on the island. It was a very interesting experience. First with my underwear still on i put on my yukata, from the changing rooms i went out into the shopping area and through to the second changing rooms where all clothes are removed and i was left with just a small towel to hide behond. There are seperate baths for men and women so after only a little aprehension i enjoyed being naked with all the other women. there were quite a lot of baths to chose from, but i particularly liked those that were outside because while the water is hot the cool night air is refreshing. once i found a good rock to sit on it was very relaxing. it would have been nicer with a book to read or someone to talk to, but an interesting experience non the less.

I also finally visited tokyo tower, which i see everytime i go to work. i didnt go all the way to the top because there was a lot of mist which meant the extra money wouldnt get me to see much more. i took some photos of my favourite places in Tokyo; odaiba, Donki!

Friday the 14th was the start of the biggest social event in an irishmans calendar! the beginning of the celebrations for st paddys day. It was suprisingly quiet. Probably caused by the rain. So we finished work at a reasonable time and sat down for after work drinks, then come in the guys that have been working at the mobile bar at the westin hotel (sebs old hotel) for the Emerald Ball. FOllowed by about 15 people who have been at the ball and dont want the ngiht to end! Even though we had all clocked out, we helped neil out by serving drinks and what not. We had a U2 tribute band in, who are in Tokyo to perform at another event, and they gave us a few renditions. The party finished in time for the first trains.

Saturday was also relatively quiet. The main draw for people was the final games of the 6 nations, in which England was playing Ireland. THankfully England won because i would never have heard the last of it otherwise, even if the score doesnt bother me either way. After work we got things ready for the parade on sunday, such as costumes and the country flags. with this done i nipped home to have a couple of hours sleep and a shower. Something that a few other staff members should have considered doing rather than going out drinking, but i wont waste any more time on that lazy idiot.

So after my rest i returned to paddys for about 11am. We got into taxis with all our things and headed to omoto sando for the parade. The guys were dressed as leprecauns, of the normal type and an elvis and a biker one! Everyone was in good spirits. After the parade finished, we headed back to paddys, where we thought we would get a brief reprive, but it wasnt to be, for most of us, Zeeshan and Ai-chan were rushed off their feet because the people from the parade had beaten us back to the pub. So from 4pm til gone 12, the pub and outside was packed. It also happened to be the best days weather for since before winter.

After work on sunday, myself and eric went to sleep at cindys flat because we were all working on monday. I didnt sleep very well though because i had drank too much red bull and my legs were hurting. ALso Seb decided to call me at 11am and i had to find somewhere in CIndys flat to talk to him without disturbing the others! I ended up in the bathroom! We woke up about 2pm and cindy made us some lunch, we headed to work 45mins early because there wasnt much else to do!

Monday started off ok, a little busier then most mondays but not too bad. Then the masses arrived in high spirits! There was 3 of us behind the bar and 2 floor staff, Aiyumis first day on the floor!!! But we managed very well, except for s certain collegue of mine trying to start a fight with me while im working and he is not, having left early the night before because he had been awake for 30 hours by choice. But thats that. We had a guy in to sing some irish songs with his guitar. ANd we had a few dances from Paddys Dancers. Then we had an improptu performance from the U2 tribute band again. And they were better then the acts we had arranged!

From work on tuesday morning i headed with Eric to meet Niall, Erik, Akiko and Shane to drive to Fujikyu highlands. I was so tired but the opportunity was too good to miss. SO we arrived there and I saw Mt Fuji, which is a very nice mountain as mountains go, but the trip was even better because we were at a theme park! we grabbed some beers and headed for the first queue... which took us 3 hours!!! now there was no need for it to take this long. But the preparations that the staff have to go through before they eft you enter the 4th dimension is ridiculous... if someone is stupid enough to leave their shoes on... let them!!! And you can make the seat thigns automatic. you dont need to go a strap everyone in individually and you can certainly have more than one car going around!!! SO after wasting our time on that, it was a good ride but not 3 hours wait good, though we had time for plenty of beers! SOme of us headed for another ride while the others went ice skating. After this brief separation, we went on the same ride again together and then drove back to roppongi where we had a few drinks in paddys. I got back home that ngiht and realised that i had lost my glasses somewhere. WHich is a bitch!

Thursday i went shopping in Asakusa to buy myself some souvenirs. I bought some chop sticks with a nice case and holder. I bought a hello Kitty phone charm, because i am now collecting them from all over japan! and i bought for 10000yen, a yukata, a short jacket and a belt! the best was 6000yen itself! but it was new while the yukata and jacket were used. after my shopping trip i had arranged to meet Zeeshan, Eric and Niall in Paddys to go for some drinks in Shibuya. I waited around for several hours before we finally left. We went to CLub Asia which was nothing to write home about and then to a bar owned by a guy that used to work at paddys. it was pretty nice, but we were the only people there. Then when the bar closed up the guys took us to naka meguro to a house music afterparty. Zeeshan enjoyed himself and the rest of us had had enough to drink that we didnt care what the music was like we were listening to.

Friday and SAturday were quiet at work but were my last days. SUnday i waited at work for a few hours before catching the night bus to Kyoto, where I will begin my Japan travels!

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love and life in Tokyo

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Yesh, I know i'm really bad at remembering to update this, but thats just becasue ive been so busy doing exciting things so that when i eventually have the time to write i have plenty to write about. Its a catch 22!

So where to start... well i am still working at Paddy Foley's and it is really great. ive met lots of interesting people because everyone has a story as to why they are in Japan. they maybe live here for many yers or just a few months, maybe they are just travelling or are here on business. i even met Sir Tim Rice! the people that i work with are also great, really friendly and we have loads of fun at work.

I have moved from staying with Alex in Miyazakidai now, into a guesthouse in Minowa which is a much better location for my job in Roppongi and for the rest of Tokyo because it is on the metro. my room however, is TINY!! i mean it is not even big enough for a futon to fit on the floor. not the ikea type futon but just the matress on the floor with a duvet i have. i also have my own fridge, big enough for a small family, so all of my food goes in this, whether it needs refridgerating or not! i have a balcony but i must step through my clothes rail to get to it. i like my balcony, i like looking at the people passing by below. i live by a small shopping arcade, where the homeless folk to tokyo congregate. when i moved in, it was the first day that the guesthouse was open (by guesthouse i mean it is kinda like university accomodation, shared toilets, showers, kitchen but private bedroom). there was still work being done on the house that day and for the following week. this only got annoying when i had been at work until 7am and there was drilling and banging at 9am! for a long time it was jsut me living in the house, which i kinda liked. it felt like my own house. then people came in their swarms. let me think... Narelle arrived first, she is from england here on a working holiday visa teaching and working in a bar now. then there is joonsu from Korea who is in high school at the moment but is thinking of coming to japan for university so if here for a few months to check it out. then there is steph who is my best friend in the house. she is just here travelling for a few months, b ut would like to stay longer but cant get a visa so easy because she is american. i met her and asked if she would like to come to a stationary store with me because i wanted to do some arty things, she was up for it because she was a graphic designer back home. and since then we have hung out togther. we also have chado from australia who is here for a few months to improve his japanese and is working. but he will go back home to university and return once he has graduated. Giavani is from Italy but has been here forever. he had a couple of children with a japanese woman but doesnt see them, even though they live in tokyo. he likes to clean. then there is a couple of chinese guys that i dont really know and some japanese.

i return to the shrine at Asaksaka because it is walking distance from me. i was interested in getting another fortune because the other one ended up being true. i did start a new job and it did turn out bad, so i saw some truth in its prediciton. now that i had jut moved into a new house and was waiting for people to move in, and i have a job etc i was intersted to see my fortune again... it was bad again!! luckily i didnt take this too much as a sign, because moving back to tokyo has defiantely turned out well for me. i am glad that i am stubborn and did not give up on japan.

i also have a teaching job now, it took a long time because a major employer of forgeiners as teachers over here went bankrupt just as i came back to tokyo. so there were lots of more qualified people applying for the same jobs as me. anyway, i eventually was offered a job with Gaba who arent the best but its an extra bit of money to survive on. i almost screwed up my second interview when they asked me to prepare a lesson and do a role play. i completly drew a blank. i was having a shit day. hadnt spoken to anyone in days because i was living alone. the job hunt was really getting to me, i was missing home so on and so forth, so i ended up bursting into tears. luckily they took pity on me, and invited me to come again the next day, when i felt much better and aced the interview. since this low point things have just gotten better and better so im glad i stuck it out in tokyo. i had my 3 days traning last week and taught for the first time yesterdy night. im teaching in a business area of tokyo so the school gts busiest in the evenings from 530, so it fits quite well with me working nights at paddys. im just becoming nocturnal! i ended up having 4 lessons yesterday, but will get paid for 5 because one was a no show. so thats a few thousand yen in my pocket.

when do you know that you have been in japan for a long time? when you crave sushi even though you dont particularly like fish or rice! i had had sushi a couple more times and it is growing on me, i even had a piece with octopus! i am learning more japanese, still struggle at times when it annoys me. such as when i get what i think is an important letter and i dont understnad it. and when i call the number on it, and the woman on the other end of the phone only speaks japanese!

its nearly christmas and it is really quite strange. i think christmas day will be hard for me, not sure what i am doing. i could be working at paddys else i will spend it with steph. seb will be working because people want to eat their christmas dinners at work! steph met a friend of a friend who likes big social gatherings so we have been invited to his, he will have a big turkey! we went to one of his social gatherings, just a load of friends who meet up every thursday at this one restaurant in naka megero. there must have been 30 people there! a chance to meet lots of people, mostly people who are in japan more permanently and can speak japanese.

i have been to the cinema a few times. the first couple were to see some films for an exhibition. the first was from israel, i think, but it was boring and i slept through some of it. but the next one was a japanese film that was quit good. !

the weather here is a little warmer than england i think but not much different. luckily no snow, but they do have snow up the mountain at british hills sp i am glad to have left that behind!

so thats it really. ive bored you quite enough with talking about seb, and the rest of the randomness of my tokyo life. miss everyone, and wishing you all a merry christmas!!! xxxxx

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so much time has passed

so much has happened

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Didn't realise how long ago I last wrote, and how much has changed since then.

So when I left you I had just come back from Disneyland and had had an "amazing" time. Well I may have been lying a little bit, because just over a week later I left British hills. Living and working with the same people, stuck up a mountain was no good for my mental health. My paranoia sets in and I realise that despite all the money that I could make and save up that mountain, I couldn't deal with thinking that the other gaijins didn't really like me. Whether or not this was true, we will never know. But i knew that I had to get off that mountain and back to the city. Which now means that I am struggling with money because I have to pay rent in the region of £250 each month. I also have to feed myself, and try and save some money to see the rest of Japan, all the while spending money enjoying myself in Tokyo. I was really enjoying my job at British Hills, and the japanese staff were so nice and friendly, just sucks that gaijins were unpleasant people.

Luckily I have managed to find myself one job, which pays a mere £4 an hour!!!! Not exactly the salary I was expecting with a degree, but that is the life of a traveller with a working holiday visa! I have been trying to find another job teaching, which pays a little better, but a major teaching employer by the name of NOVA has picked this time to make themselves bankrupt, which has left thousands of more qualified people also looking for teaching jobs!! There are a couple of jobs still in the pipeline, so you never know what might happen. Fingers crossed, because at this rate I will have to dip into my savings to see the rest of Japan which will mean seeing less of the rest of the world! Arghhh!!! I am also searching around for amybe a job in film production or the media, just so that I can work towards a career for when I get back to the UK, unfortunately without knowing Japanese I'm kinda screwed in that area.

So I have been in Tokyo for 2 weeks now. Spending most of the time on the internet looking for a second job. The working holiday office had a party the first weekend i was back here. So me and Alex (who i'm living with a the moment) went to that. As well as all the forgeiners over here, the office deals with Japanese people going to other countries with working holiday visas, so the party was for everyone to get to know each other. I arrived late because I had an interview beforehand. But then the party moved to a local resaurant and for £8 it was an all you can eat and drink. So i tried a few ineresting things, such as raw horse meat! And fishy things. There is one of these parties every month so I am looking forward to those.

The next weekend me and Alex went to the Tokyo Motor show. It was way out in another city that joins tokyo! It was interesting to see all the cars and bikes. I think i want a motorbike now! Had a KFC because it was the only place where the menu wasn't written in japanese... and i thought i was onto a pretty safe bet. Trust me to pick the one meal which was fishy... seriously only in japan could the Kentucy Fried CHICKEN have fish in it! I had to go straight from here to my new job at Paddy Foley's pub in Roppongi (major forgeiner entertainment area). Thinking that if i was starting at 430 i should be catching the last train home just before midnight... oh no... I finished work at 6am! when the first trains started!!! I was so knackered by the time i got to bed at gone 7am. I had been awake 24 hours because we had gone to the exhibition. On my feet all day wandering around looking at cars and then waiting on people in the pub for 13hours!! so in preparation for a friday and saturday night of this again this week (tho i am not starting until 7pm this time) I have been in bed most of the day resting!

Not any plans for the weekend. ill probably sleep through whatever of it I am not working! we'll see! i move into a guesthouse next week which will have better access to the city. Hopefully explore a little more. I need to meet more people, since alex is moving to Hokkaido in a month. I miss my Japanese friends from British Hills, but hopefully they will come visit me in Tokyo.

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